If you have to complete a re-sit for your Creative Writing Controlled Assessment, have a look at the tasks below and consider which one you would like to tackle. Remember you have to do a different task from the original piece of writing you completed.

Controlled Assessment Tasks for GCSE English Language Unit 3 part b: Producing Creative Texts (creative writing)

Moving Images

Writing based on moving images.


Responding to a given brief


Taking a text and turning it into another

A newspaper invites young people to write articles about television programmes they either love or loathe. Write the piece you would send to the newspaper. The web host of a creative writing website approaches you to submit some writing for it. This month’s theme is ‘Conflict’. You have complete freedom in your choice of form, but are asked not to make what you submit longer than 1000 words.

Write your piece for the website.


Choose a poem from the AQA Anthology and use it as the basis for a piece of writing which explores similar ideas/situations to the original poem.
Produce a piece of writing inspired by a short sequence from a film. A national project C21st UK – wishes to collect from young people writing which reflects life in the UK in the C21st. Your writing should focus on aspects of young important. You can choose the form of the writing e.g. journalism or narrative. Take the title of or a line from a Shakespeare play and use it as the title for your own piece of writing.