Look here for a list of ideas of tasks and resources which will help you to prepare for your controlled assessment.


Spark Notes: http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/shrew/

Free Online copy of the play: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/taming_shrew/full.html 

Guardian article about the play: http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2012/jan/17/taming-of-the-shrew-rsc



  • Try to watch as many performances and adaptations as possible. When you watch these consider how they link to the original play. In particular think about how Katherina is portrayed, through the way that she speaks and acts as well as through the way other characters react to her.

  • Create a list of words and phrases used to describe Katherina and explain what you think these tell us about her as a character.

  • Research the different opinions that exist about the play – which do you agree/disagree with and why?

  • Read critical/literary essays and practice writing in their style. Then when you are confident introduce your own personal twist on the style. You can find examples of these essays in broadsheet newspapers arts and culture sections. We also have essays in the library – just ask me or the librarian!

  • Draw some comparisons between the play and other texts that you have read or watched. Try to find themes that link together such as fiery relationships, prejudice or power battles.