Right all – here is your first homework task! Homework is a fantastic opportunity to develop your independent learning and to think, read and write without the time restrictions of a lesson.

This task is a research project, which should result in a project folder (either electronic or physical) containing your interpretation of the research that you have done. You will be researching Shakespeare and the time in which he was writing with a particular focus on the following:

  • Theatre in Shakespearian England.
  • Gender and Class in Shakespearian England.
  • Marriage and family in Shakespearian England.

I want you to produce a project which is original – I can tell a ‘copy and paste job’ a mile off! Research is only valuable when you take time to understand what you have read and use it to produce an analysis and reflection of what you have learnt, in your own words. Try to make your work interesting through use of unique information, views and images. You have two weeks to do this so I will expect at least 3 pages of work.

This should be an enjoyable task that will allow you to be independent, creative and to learn some new fascinating facts about Shakespearian England! Good luck.